I’ve never been particularly MAC obsessed. Not that they’re not a great brand. They are. I just never went nuts on them. I don’t have an enormous MAC eyeshadow collection and I’ve never tried any of their foundations, but one thing that I do find myself drawn to is their concealers. And for good reason. They just do concealers right. I think what makes them so fantastic is that it seems like each one is designed for a specific purpose – as though they’re intended to attack a specific problem. I’ll explain about the three that I own.

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer
This concealer is a holy grail for a lot of people. What makes it so fantastic is that once it sets it does not budge. For that reason a lot of people like to use it under their eyes to avoid creasing. I personally like to use it over any areas of particular redness. It’s highly pigmented so it covers well and it lasts all day. It’s also a good one to layer cream products (such as blush) over because since it sets so firmly, the cream products won’t pull the concealer back off as you apply them.

Mac Prep and Prime Highlighter
This is the newest edition to the team for me, but I was taken right away. It’s a light-reflective concealer for under the eyes. What I find so impressive about it is that it does an amazing job brightening things up, while having an extremely lightweight texture that feels and looks great great. It also isn’t nearly as prone to creasing as other light-reflective concealers that I’ve used. The colour range they chose is also surprisingly good considering how limited it is. There are only three colours, but they’re specifically targeted for colour correction.

Mac Studio Finish Concealer
This is the mother of all concealers for me. It’s the absolute perfect concealer for covering blemishes. It’s highly pigmented and exactly the right consistency. It’s a cream product, but it’s quite dry and tacky, which means that, when applied carefully with a brush, it builds well to cover blemishes and sticks to that blemish all day once set with a powder.  I’ve said this many times before but I can’t imagine not having this concealer anymore.

I also noticed that they launched a new product – the Studio Conceal and Correct Duo – that looks pretty intriguing. Has anyone tried that one yet? I’d love to hear about it.

  • I love the look of the Studio Finish Concealer, it sounds so so nice!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • I adore Prep & Prime! Makes a huge difference to my complexion!

  • The Studio Finish concealer has been on my list for a bit now. It sounds great!


  • Studio finish is the best for pin-point concealing but I find to use it for anything else I have to warm it up with my fingers because it's so dry.


  • I really like the moisturizing mineralize concealer for under eyes

  • I want the mac studio finish concealer for sure!


  • I have been meaning to try the studio concealer looks like it can do amazing things! xo


  • I use the Studio Finish concealer every single day to cover blemishes and the Pro Longwear under the eyes when I need it. They're both fantastic products and I highly recommend both. I hear so much about the NARS concealer but I'm just so in love with these MAC offerings that I don't know if I want to spend the extra money on something I'm not sure I'll love. xx

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  • It will be a sad, sad day when my pro longwear runs out. Most days I just dot that around my face, buff it in and move on for base. Or it's really awesome mixed in with some moisturizer for some tinted action. I know a lot of people would say otherwise, but to me – Nars concealer doesn't compare.

  • MAC really does do my favourite concealers. They just seem to get them right, and they have a concealer for every preference.


  • I used to use one of their concealers for the LONGEST time and then just got tired of it…now I can't even remember what it's called haha. I may have to try the Pro Longwear one as I've had my eye on that one for a while now! I like the fact that it doesn't crease…perf 😉

  • It's so hard to find the right concealer for covering blemishes, I gotta check out the mac studio finish! So many of mine just slide right off the raised bump -.-

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  • Paired with the right brush it's seriously a life saver. The other one I'm really keen to try is Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage, but that's quite a bit more pricey.

  • The only thing about the concealer though is that the pump always dispenses too much product. Curses. It's one weak point.

  • That's what's so awesome about them… something for everyone.

  • That's a fantastic idea. You get to nice glowly look of a tinted moisturizer, but with longevity. I'm gonna have to try that now.

  • I know. I want to try to Nars one, but then I feel like I don't know exactly what I'd use it for. I wouldn't really use it on blemishes and I prefer a light-reflective one under the eyes.

  • Definitely. It's a staple for so many people.

  • Yeah I used to see Nic from Pixiwoo use it all the time on their videos and it looked really nice.

  • Yeah that's true. Sometimes when it's really cold out I have to work it in with fingers.

  • Yes! I'm glad there's another fan here.

  • Agree 100% that they really nail it with concealers. (And lipsticks, eyeshadow, blushes, brushes, etc. etc. etc.) Only one I haven't tried is their Prep + Prime Highlighter, but when my current Estee Lauder one runs out I think that's what I'll get next.

    xoxo – Kelly

  • I mix the pro longwear concealer with my foundation and it stays put all day, and leaves me with a flawless base! Such a good post idea 🙂

    styleaked – Rayban giveaway

  • I used to love MAC concealers back in the day, and I'm really getting back into concealing in general at the moment. I think the prep and prime range look like it could be for me!

  • If you like lightweight and reflective I think you would enjoy it for sure.

  • I recently bought my first couple of MAC lipsticks (I'm behind the times) and I see what everyone talks about now. They are really nice.

  • I love the Studio Finish Concealer both for blemishes and tidying up my brows!

    Alice x
    Sheer Beautiful // Bloglovin'

  • I am crazy for never having tried these! The Prolongwear one is top of my list — though be careful, my good friend smashed her bottle when it fell onto tile (of course).

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • Okay, I was confused…I meant I wanted to try the one in the pot…what's that one?

  • The packaging is the one downside I have to say. The pump is a bit of a bastard.

  • Ohh the studio finish. My concealer lover.

  • Love the look of MAC concealers! xx

    rosyannajane.blogspot.com // bloglovin.com/annatranter

  • I'm with you. I like Mac, it's not my favourite brand nor I need everything they release (and honestly I think they are going WAY too crazy with the collections), but I do love some of the products. Everyone seems to love their concealers, and for a reason. I haven't tried anything else that the Pro Longwear, but I definitely will in the future. The Prep + Prime Highlighter sounds amazing!

  • Alright, definitely heading for the Pro Longwear concealer now. Thanks a lot, Holly 😉

    Tweezers and Tongs

  • I adore the Studio Fix foundation so I can imagine how lovely the concealer must be!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • I've tried both the Longwear Concealer and the Studio Finish Concealer and I love them both to bits. They are seriously incredible, and I haven't found any that compare.
    Ivory Avenue