It feels like there’s a lot of love going around today I wanted to jump on in. The great thing about writing about blogs that you enjoy reading is that, not only do you get to let people know that you’ve noticed their awesomeness, but it also gives others an opportunity to see it too. There’s so much talent out there. It needs to be mentioned! So here I go, mentioning it.

That Grace Girl
I’ve enjoyed Grace’s blog from the day I found it, but a short while ago she wrote a piece on her own personal story with makeup that absolutely sealed the deal. She mentioned in the piece how “we need to move away from the assumption that an interest in beauty products is shallow and stupid” and something about that really struck a chord with me. I’ve always struggled with that feeling – like people were judging me for my interest in the beauty industry – but Grace’s sharp writing and ability to express herself with… grace (sorry)… helps to absolve some of those fears.

From Roses
Rebecca is another intelligent, well spoken woman, something that I clearly find inspiring. She writes great content with confidence. I always find myself looking at her blog thinking “damn, that was such a good idea for a post.” Hers is definitely a blog that you’ll find yourself getting into right away. Rebecca and Grace also both write for A Little Opulent (Rebecca being one of the founders), so if you have not yet checked it out, though I’m sure you have, you should!

Ella’s blog is new to me and, I’m not gonna lie, what initially drew me to it was her face. Sounds odd I’ll admit, but look at her face and then try and disagree with me. She is so stunning it’s actually shocking. Once you stop staring at her face, which might take a while, and start reading you’ll enjoy that too. She’s hilarious and sassy and I must say I appreciate that in a woman. Her blog design (from Dainty Moonbeam) and photography both have a sort of clean, comforting charm. I think maybe everything I’ve said about her sounds weird, but go check her out and follow her on Bloglovin’!

The Lovecats Inc
First of all Helen’s tagline for her blog makes me chortle under my breath every time I see it – “Apologies if you’ve stumbled on this blog thinking it was about my love for cats. Sometimes I wish it was.” She’s a very talented person who knows how to do it all. Her photography and content are excellent, her writing is fantastic and her blog design is impeccable. Her aesthetic is just so appealing to me. You don’t even have to be into beauty blogs to enjoy Helen’s work either (though, lets face it, if you’re here you probably are) because she also writes great pieces on blogging, filled with loads of helpful tips. She’s an all rounder.

Let It Be Cosy
Rocio’s blog is another one that you will instantly fall in love with. It’s a beauty, food and lifestyle blog and she is wonderful at all aspects. The photography is so elegant and tasteful. Her instagram is worth following too for that reason. She’s also a true natural beauty. I love seeing someone who runs a beauty blog with such a natural, effortless approach. She wasn’t putting up posts for a while there and in that time I found myself checking her blog often, hoping that there would be more. I’m glad she’s back to posting delicious recipes regularly, and with even more vigor than before.

Call Me Cupcake
Linda’s blog is a sweet food and photography blog and, my God, I basically pooped my pants when I first found it because I have never seen photography like this before. It is art. I don’t know what more I can say about it. Please, please take a look at her blog because I think you will be blown away. Her blog design is also incredibly sweet, much like the name of her site, and she already has a number of books on the market if you find yourself not being able to get enough!

The Private Life Of A Girl
I love Sophie’s blog because it’s quite unique, which is no easy feat to accomplish in this day and age. The way her posts are written in a short, to the point manor, the orderly fashion of her photography and the minimalist, monochromatic design of her blog all add up to a fresh feeling. Her approach makes it really easy to engage with her blog. She also runs an online jewelry store called Oh My Clumsy Heart and her designs have the same appealing minimalism as her blog. Good stuff!

  • Call Me Cupcake is one of my favourites too for similar reasons. Her. photography. is. incredible.

  • Ahh That Grace Girl is a favourite! Her photography is always very fresh and inviting and her posts are so relatable and interesting. I love all the other picks too, absolute gems!

    Brodie Jay

  • Well hey, at least you spelled weird right :') Fank u Holleh <3 x

  • Lovely suggestions! I already follow almost half of them, but I'm checking the others out now and they're really great 🙂

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  • Thank you for the lovely mention on your blog!

  • So many of my favourite blogs up there! Thanks for the recommendations, it's always good to share the love!

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

  • 'twas my pleasure. Your blog is most definitely worth writing about.

  • Excellent. Hope there's something new for you there.

  • I'm glad people are following you… and your face. *pats self on back*

  • I just love that she comes at it all with such an intelligent voice. It's so satisfying.

  • Yes! Thank you for knowing her! She in insane. I was actually freaking out when I first found her blog. I've never seen photography like that.

  • Lovely blogs I love blog love posts 🙂 x

    The Beauty Trove

  • They're all such lovely blogs, gone to follow the ones I didn't follow already. Thank you!


  • Agreed and thanks again for yours 🙂