Oiii. I am tired, but from a good trip. It was back to Victoria this weekend to visit the fam again. It’s so beautiful there that I couldn’t not put up a few pictures. There’s something about that city that reminds me a bit of London. A bit of Canada and a bit of the UK. What more could you ask for?

We arrived Friday afternoon and took it easy with a nice beach/seawall stroll. You know, the romantic stuff you usually do with your family? On the route back my sister Ruth started jumping up on one of the seawall benches, trying to reach an apple, when I realized that the bench said “in loving memory of Ruth….” Needless to say she got back down from the bench after that. We didn’t need history to repeat itself.

Saturday us three sisters got together and spent some time wondering
around downtown, looking at the parliament buildings, revisiting Bliss
for some more delicious smoothies, checking out various shops and
grabbing a bite to eat in a pub called The Beagle (I mean how could you

Kate drinking her matcha something, trying not to be blinded by the light. I had a iced mint mocha that was phenomenal by the way. I will most definitely be recreating it.
Kate and Ruth: the twins. Can you say SEXY? Especially Kate on the left there. Wowza.

Not much to say other than it was a lovely time. I’ll be back again soon with the usual beauty and blogging related stuff. For now, enjoy this timeless photo of Kate. Let it bring you joy as it has done for me.

  • I'm one of those Canadians who's barely touched the West coast — this is cray beautiful.

  • I haven't done the East Coast yet. I need to do it at some point!

  • Mmmm, I love Bliss! And Mole, and Rebar, and Murchies hahaha. You're making me homesick!

  • Sorry! I can imagine it would be hard to leave that behind. Beautiful place.

  • Girl, your family is in Victoria? Mine too! I grew up in Victoria and just moved last year for university! I miss Bliss soo much. I went there all the time when I was working at Silk Road around the corner. Feeling homesick now! xx

  • My dad recently moved there. So it's not my hometown, but I get to visit there once and a while and it's amazing. It really has to be one of the best cities in the world.

  • I used to live in Victoria. It is an absolutely stunning, isn't it? The Victoria Harbour is one of my favourite places in the world!