There’s nothing like sitting down to a good movie and slapping on a nice face mask on a Sunday night. While I wouldn’t necessarily consider a face mask an essential part of a skincare routine, they do make you feel pampered and they can be a great booster in helping to combat whatever skincare woe you might be struggling with. I’ve got three options to chat about and I shant dilly dally any longer.

Avene Cleanance Mask:
If you’re dealing with oily, blemish prone skin the Avene Cleanance Mask is an easy go to. It’s a Kaolin clay mask, which means it’s sure to absorb any excess oil and hopefully help to coax stubborn blackheads out of their hidey holes (though I’m still dubious about the idea of a clay mask sucking something out of your pores). It also contains AHA and BHA acids that do a mighty fine job chemically exfoliating and destroying bacteria. I can definitely tell it’s formulated with acids because it leaves my sensitive skin stinging slightly. Just enough that I know that it’s working, but not so much that it leaves me skin irritated all day. The nice this about this particular clay mask is that it isn’t overly stripping. I think it’s partly because it doesn’t ever dry into a super hard crust. It does dry to a degree, but it stays relatively supple. The last nifty feature is that when you wash it off it turns into a really lovely face wash with gentle exfoliating particles in it.

Origins 10 Minute Drink Up Mask:
If your issue is dry skin you’re probably going to want to stay way away from any clay mask and steer towards a nice hydrating mask. The Origins Drink Up Mask is a nice option. It feels luxuriously rich and hydrating on the skin and it smells so unbelievably good, like you’ve just pummeled hundreds of apricots into your face… but in a good way. Unfortunately, the flip side of the delicious fruit smell is that I don’t always find it ideal for my sensitive skin. I’m not sure if it’s the fragrance, all of the fruit and flower oil ingredients or something else, but it can be a tiny bit prickly if I use it at the wrong time – i.e. after exfoliating or using a clay mask. So maybe it’s worth be thoughtful about when you apply it if you’re a sensitive soul.

Antipodes Manuka Honey Mask:
I wasn’t really sure what to make of this mask when I first got it. I applied it expecting it to be extremely soothing and hydrating, but that wasn’t exactly the case. It’s actually sort of like a mash up between the first two masks. It has a creamy base (no clay) so it is somewhat hydrating, but it leaves your skin feeling a bit tingly like an antibacterial treatment. It also does dry down on your skin somewhat. The key ingredient in the mask is of course, as the name states, manuka honey. It’s kind of a wonder ingredient because it not only provides the skin with moisture, but it’s also an antibacterial agent. Additionally, manuka honey is a known to be an excellent treatment for scarring, so not only are you treating existing acne, but you’re also addressing any leftover scarring from older blemishes. I think this would an ideal mask for someone simultaneously struggling with blemishes and dry or dehydrated skin.

  • There's nothing better than a pamper night (usually a bath & a face mask for me). Haven't tried any of these yet but I think the Avene one might be suited for my combination skin from the sound of it x


  • I adore the Antipodes mask it's one of my favourites. Ive never tried any Avene products before but you've really sold this one to me it sounds so interesting 🙂
    xxx Claire

  • Never tried any of these but the Avene Clearance mask sounds good to me! I think my skin is a bit too sensitive for the others 🙂 x

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  • I love the sound of all these masks, especially the Avene one. I'm with you in doubting how much clay masks help with pores though… They've never made a huge difference on me!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  • I want to try the Glam Glow one to see if it actually pulls stuff out of your pores like everyone says. I don't think I can believe it until I see it.

  • I haven't really heard much about the Avene mask, though I really like the sound of a clarifying and exfoliating mask rolled into one! Same with the Aura mask, I feel like it would be great if you weren't looking for anything too intense.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  • I love your photos girl! And I will definitely have to keep an eye out for the Antipodes and Avene masks, they sound mega… I love the Origins Drink Up Intensive, I'm sorry that your skin has been irritated by it though!

  • Thanks. I'm glad other people are enjoying the Origins mask 🙂

  • I think you're one of my favorite writers as far as beauty blogging goes! Always interesting and detailed. I will be trying one of these masks this weekend for sure!


  • Thank you so much!