Alrighty. Face mask on and ready to write. Let’s begin. I love The Body Shop. It’s something that our family has always used. The satsuma scent instantly takes me back to my childhood. So every once in a while I indulge in a nice body butter or shower gel from them, but I’d never actually given their makeup a go. It was time my friends.

The obvious first choice was the Honey Bronzing Powder. It’s really not a shocker by any stretch of the imagination that I picked this out. Ever since Estee fell in love with this one, the rest of the beauty blogging world has followed suit. And for a damn good reason I can say now that I’ve tried it. I got the shade medium because I’m pale, but I’m not quite as pale as their lightest shades call for. Medium is still very light compared to your average bronzer though. I really like it. You’re not going to get a Victoria Secret effect with it, but you do get a fool-proof natural glow. It’s just enough colour to softy warm up your skin without the risk of ever overdoing it. The colour is very natural looking too. No orange skin here.

The other item that I picked up was just out of curiosity – the Lightening Touch Pen in Universal Radiance. It’s pretty much just a liquid highlighter in pen form, which is cool with me because it’s handy dandy to pop in the bag and be off with. It’s quite a stark white shade. If you have a deeper skin tone it might not be for you. But if you’re fairer and you want an amped up highlight then look no further. Uns uns uns. The only thing I’d warn you about is that it’s got slightly larger shimmer particles in it than something like the Jemma Kidd or the Jouer highlighter. So if you’re shy about that, then this might be best reserved for a night out, rather than used as a day to day highlighter.  

  • I've been thinking of getting the Honey Bronzer for such a long time as it seems to be the perfect shade! And I love the sound of that highlighter.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

    • They always have those 40% off site wide deals. That's the time. Those are dangerous times for me.

  • I had never even heard of the body shop until I started watching / reading EssieButton! I basically fell in love with their body butters and their honey bronzer is verrrrryyy close to hitting pan

    Allison from

    • Nice. Yeah their body butters are something splendid. Every scent they do I want to eat.

  • I'm really interested in the Honey Bronzing Powder, sometimes in the summer a subtle bronzer is handy to give some glow to a slightly too light foundation… 🙂 xx

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  • Where oh where is that lovely brush you have there from?