If I have to do anything on top of the stove, the English in me comes out in the worst way. Somehow everything I make turns to mush. Luckily I seem to be okay when it comes to putting things in the oven. I like having granola for breakie and it’s not something you can easily get a good quality version of for a reasonable price. So every once in a while I whip out the old apron and get mixing!

3c rolled oats (not rolled coats, which I almost just typed)
1c sliced almonds
1/2c chia seeds
1/4c honey
1/4c coconut oil
1tsp vanilla
1tsp salt
1c unsweetened shredded or ribbon coconut
1 – 2c dried craisins and blueberries mixed

First thing I do, if I remember, is preheat the oven to 300°C. Then I grab a mixing bowl, throw together the rolled oats, sliced almonds, chia seeds and salt and give them a bit of a stir. Next I add the honey, coconut oil and vanilla into a pot on the stove top and melt it down on a low heat until it turns to liquid. I pour the liquid mixture over the oat mixture and stir the two together. The honey and oil help the mixture stick together a bit more.

The first part of the mixture is done. I line a tray with parchment paper, pour the mixture onto the tray and spread it out as thinly as possible. Time to pop it in the oven. Once it’s in there I take it out every 7(ish) minutes and give it a stir. The granola should be in there for a total of about 30 minutes, but in the last 10 minutes I take it out and mix in the coconut and dried fruit. I keep a close eye on it after this. It takes no time at all for coconut to burn.

Once it’s out of the oven I sit the tray on a cooking rack and I let the granola cool completely before putting it in its final tupperware home. Actually my belly is its final home, but it would be beastly to tell that to the granola.


  • Mmmm, this seems really good. Love a good granola! I'll definitely try this out 🙂

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

    • Let me know how it goes if you do!

  • Love me some home-made granola. Way easier to control what's going in/cheaper. It would be absolutely horrifying to warn the granola of it's ultimate fate…


    • Definitely. I feel like I put a lot of honey in mine, but it's not even half as sweet as most store bought granola I've had.
      Sadly, the screams of the granola are still echoing in my ears.

  • I've tried it! It's just out of the oven 🙂