Before I get into the details of this massacre I wanted to give a quick apology to anyone who has been checking here and wondering what the heck is going on lately. I’ve been remodeling the blog a bit (it’s still not done) so if you’ve seen it in some wacky mid-point where it looked bizarre… sorry. Hopefully I’ll be done soon.

Onto the brutality. Ever since I first got one of the Sleek Matte Me’s I’ve been a little bit obsessed with matte liquid lipsticks. You can’t beat the longevity that they bring to the table. So next came Bourjois’ Rouge Edition Matte Velvet (thanks to Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup) and finally Sephora’s Cream Lipstain (thanks to Amelia Liana… and Lily Pebbles… and Anna again). I figured I’d take you through a little rundown of each of them.

Sleek Matte Me – Party Pink
This one is different than the other two in that when it sets it really sets. There is no printing or transference. You take a sip from you coffee cup and there will be literally no residue left behind. The only thing that’s going to break these bad boys down is very oily foods. What some people might not like about these, however, is that they set kind of like house paint. They don’t apply particularly smooth and creamily and when they do start to break down later in the day they crack. But hey, I really can’t complain about an incredibly affordable lipstick that doesn’t budge.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet – Pink Pong
First off I just have to say that I’m in love with this colour. I want to marry it and have children with it. When you want to go bold, but red feels too much, this matte fuchsia is amazeballs. The formula is another awesome one. It’s much more hydrating than the Sleek offering and it’s smooth to apply. The difference is that it does print. Not a lot, but still maybe don’t reserve this for a particularly hard face-sucking session (and also maybe don’t ever do what I just did and call it face-sucking). The up side is that, although it does rub off a bit throughout the day, it leaves a stain behind so you’re really never left a ring around your lips. The only downside I can see is that it seems pretty darned expensive for a drugstore/high street option. Oh, and it does also have a bit of a funny coppery smell.

Sephora Cream Lipstain – Always Red
This one reminded me right away of the Bourjois one when I first applied it. It’s, again, smooth and easy to apply and it also prints a bit. It differs from the Bourjois one in that it’s even more creamy and pigmented, it doesn’t have the funny smell and it’s actually cheaper. Plus, this is a bit weird, but it’s so satisfying that the cap clicks into place when you close it. Ah that’s good stuff. As for the colour… well it’s pretty damn phenomenal. It’s that perfect classic deep blue toned red that looks amazing as a matte velvet finish. Too bad the other matte shades in the range aren’t as exciting.

So if you need a lipstick to make it through a meal without budging, I’d say go for the Sleek option, but if you want something that’s easy to apply and provides more hydration then go for either the Bourjois or the Sephora options. They’re all damn good! 

  • I've checked the other colours of the Sephora one and they're a bit meh, hope they extend the range now they've become so popular!
    Loved this post 🙂 xx

    • I know! Well they just brought out those new Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Colors (another liquid lipstick) with a nice shade range. So I'm curious to see how the formula is on those.

  • I love the Bourjois ones! You're right, the scent is a bit funny… I'm just glad it's not noticeable once you've applied the product. I'm also really curious about the Sephora Lip Cream

    • Yeah that is true. I'm never bothered by the smell of the Bourjois one when I'm actually wearing it.

  • Great post! I really adore the Bourjois ones, though also not a fan of the scent, and they're super expensive where I live too. The matte me's sound great in that they don't transfer, but I feel like they would be a bit drying, and I don't love the sound of it cracking/chipping off. (And I loled at the face-sucking, haha!)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • Haha glad I made someone lol. Now someone just has to make one that doesn't transfer and doesn't dry out… though I guess that's what they're trying for.

  • Love this! I need to try one of the sephora matte lip offerings, I just picked up the Sleek Matte Me a week or so ago and I love it!
    Allison from

  • So tempted to try out the other two – I have Fandango Purple in the Sleek Matte Me and I agree with everything you said! Certainly will pick up a Bourjois one!

  • I love the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Pink Pong. I keep hearing a lot about the Sephora version, so I might have to check that one out.

    xo Ashley