When you live in basement suite anything that helps to freshen up the place is a godsend. I’ve got reef diffusers and incense strewn around the house, but a good old fashioned scented candle is really what tickles me the most. Voluspa candles have done a great job with the tickling. I’d almost go so far as to say they’ve tickled me senseless, but I’ll try not to get so carried away. I mentioned one of these candles in my monthly favourites, but I’ve since gone back for more. Mmmm I may indeed have a problem.

We don’t have Diptyque candles here in Canada, and the price on those guys kind of scares me anyways, so when my friend introduced me to Voluspa candles I was quite pleased. They come in a variety of different jars, all of which are beautiful and they hit a reasonable price point for the quality. The smallest ones (3oz.) are $11 and the biggest ones (16oz) are $28. They smell amazing and very strongly. They’re made of clean burning coconut wax and they have quite a variety of scents. Some are truly fruity, some are musky and others are light and perfume-like.

The first one I got was the Goji and Tarocco scent. It is intensely edible smelling. I rarely even bother to light it up because it smells so strongly unlit. On the weekend I picked up the Pink Citron scent (perfumey grapefruit and rose) in a two wick size. Upgrade. Yeah, I bet you’re impressed. I also grabbed the smallest size of the Orangerie D’azahar scent, which is another perfumey one that, as you might guess, has a light orange smell.

I bought these delicious treats from Indigo/Chapters. For once Canadians have easy access to something. Canadian win! They sell them at Nordstrom too if you’re not Canadian. Plus the Voluspa website has a locator if you want to find somewhere near you. I also noticed that Anthropogie has some on their website. So I guess these candles musssst be on trend. Yusssss. 

  • This pictures just looks like it smells amazing! I love any kind of candles so I am excited to try some new ones out! Thanks for sharing!

    xoxo Teresa

    • Let me know what you think if you try any!

  • Great picks! We love Voluspa Candles. Orangerie D'azahar is perfect for summer:)

  • I've toyed with the idea of getting a Voluspa candle when I did my Indigo order, I got their own Pure Peony Blush instead. I might try Voluspa next time! Do you have a Winners or Homesense nearby? I've seen some there once. 😉

    • I always keep an eye out for them when I go into Winners and Homesense, but I haven't seen one yet. Good to know that they're lurking there somewhere.

  • The Goji one is so. good.

    • Thoroughly agreed. I want it to be food.

  • Yesss, Voluspa is the best. My favourite one was the Olive Leaf one but I noticed that they stopped selling them at Chapters when the Christmas stuff arrived to make room for it ;_;

  • I have the Goji Tarocco Orange one too! Smells soooooo good. I'm so sad I've hit the bottom. You should also check out the French Cade Lavender one. Just as good.

    Velvet Row