I decided to pop over to Victoria to visit the fam and to explore one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This morning I met up with my sister and we headed into town with the intention of eating all the food. All of it. First we hit up Cafe Bliss and ordered a couple of green smoothies and a classic bliss bar. Everything there is vegan, raw and packed with nutritional goodies and it wasn’t even swarming with hoards of filthy hippies. I was disappointed that I didn’t have to unpack my stick to beat them off.

After a bit of wondering around various shops filled with bath bombs and perfumes we found Rebar, which is another one of those classic Victoria restaurants that everyone goes to. They have a cookbook that’s pretty popular back home (now that was one Canadian sounding phrase – back home eh?). Rebar is certainly a funky looking restaurant with a different colour on every wall and some seriously zany tablecloths. It was damn good though. I had a delicious tuna melt (the key seemed to be the layer of relish). I was smiling like a dog hanging out a car window the entire time I ate it. There was drool and food everywhere. Jokes. 

We met up with a few more members of the fam jam a bit later and took a stroll along the seawall, which is unbeatable. We’ve got beautiful seawall walks in Vancouver, but there’s something about Victoria’s that is particularly breathtaking. We went at a particularly beautiful time too. The sun was low enough in the sky for the sea to be lit up.
Tomorrow I’m heading home. I hope no one minded the change of pace today. It’ll be back to regular ol’ beauty posts on Tuesday.