I know mascaras are one of those things that everyone has a different opinion on. What you’re looking for in a mascara can be completely different from what the next person is looking for. Still, I’m going to try to give you a bit of a rundown of some of the L’oreal mascaras on the market and why I think they’re a winner or… well… we’re all winners as they told us in our eighth grade science fair (after we lost). I actually do like all of these mascaras though. I’ve been consistently impressed with L’oreal mascaras more than those from any other drugstore brand. Annndddd if we’re being honest we all like packaging that makes us feel a little fancy. They may not be YSL level packaging, but I think they have more appeal than your average Maybelline or Covergirl mascara.

L’oreal Voluminous:
This one is my least favourite among the four. The packaging is simple and classic, which is a plus, but the formula isn’t entirely there for me. It’s the driest formula of the bunch, which I find means that the mascara doesn’t last as long before the tube dries up completely. It’s also harder to build volume and length quickly. I applied this on one eye and the telescopic on the other and I found this one gave me less volume, despite being called voluminous. It also has a tendency to smudge under my eyes more than any of the other mascaras. What is does do well is create natural looking, fluttery lashes. So if that’s your cup of tea then this mascara will be great for you. I like a bit more drama meself.
Rating: 6/10

L’oreal Miss Manga:
This guy is the newest of the bunch to join Canada. I had really high expectations for this one as I’d seen a lot of English beauty bloggers say great things about it. My expectations fell just short with this mascara. The formula is wetter than the last (yay!) and it does give undeniably big long, thick lashes, but the applicator isn’t my favourite thing. I actually quite like the shape of the bristles, but it’s that ultra flexible tip that they’re adding to mascaras these days that annoys me (and apparently turns me into an old lady – *these days*). They make the whole brush flimsier and it becomes harder to give it a good wiggle through your lashes.
Rating: 7/10

L’oreal Lash Out Butterfly:
I definitely like this one. It’s got that same wet formula as Miss Manga, but I think the brush is a bit easier to work with. It’s a unique shape. On one side it’s got those short plastic bristle that do a great job defining and separating your lashes, but it’s also got a concave curve to it which cradles your lashes nicely. On the other side are even shorter bristles, which are nice for getting your bottom lashes with. This one has a tiny bit of a perfume fragrance to it compared to the others. It’s not overwhelming and it doesn’t irritate my eyes. I actually quite enjoy it, but if you do have very sensitive eyes, beware.
Rating: 8/10

L’oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara:
This has to be the mother of all L’oreal mascaras for me. The formula is another great wet formula, but the brush is what makes it a winner for me. Like the Butterfly mascara it has slight concave curve and short plastic bristles. It’s much sturdier feeling than the Miss Manga and the overall size of the head on this one is much skinner than all of the others. I love that because it means you can get right down into the base of the lash with no problem and wiggle all the way up. I get the best length, definition and volume with this mascara. I don’t have any problems with smudging with any of the last three mascaras I’ve mentioned and they all wash off easily with just water. Oddly, I find that Maybelline mascaras are much harder to remove and they smudge under my eyes a lot more.
Rating: 9/10

  • Love L'Oreal mascaras! The Butterfly one is one of my favourites!

  • it’s surprising to know that you don’t really like the l’oreal voluminous carbon black. i’ve been eyeing that one lately since jaclyn hill and i think kathleenlights rave about that mascara for its really, really dark intense black. i do have the l’oreal miss manga and i actually like it! the flimsy flexible wand kind of irks me sometimes too but the formula works so whatever, right haha. i’m currently using their superstar mascara, the one with fiber at one end and i think i love it more than the miss manga. it actually lengthens and boost some volume for my lashes, great for my sensitive eyes too 😀