I always wished I had
freckles. Both of my sisters have them and somehow I got totally ripped
off. I really have not a hint of freckle. So I decided not to accept my
fate of being “regular skin person” and instead I took matters into my
own hands. My glorious, artistic hands. Vom. Okay, so I may not have
magical hands, but I have learned a few tips and tricks when it comes to
faking freckles. I know some people think I’m a bit weird for drawing
on freckles, but I thing they’re quite sweet looking and I reckon that
anything that warms up my resting bitch face is a good thing.

The first thing you might want to think about doing is prepping your skin to make the freckles last longer. If you’ve got oily skin maybe go easy with the moisturizer where you want the freckles to go and apply a bit of primer instead. I’ve tried a few different tools for creating freckles over the years and I’ve settled with brow pens (not pencils but actually liquid pens). They give more of a staining effect, which I think looks more realistic, and you have a lot of control over the shapes you’re creating. I use the Milani Brow Tint Pen in Natural Taupe because it has a warm tone that lends well to freckles. If that’s hard to find where you live both Gosh and Soap and Glory make brow pens.

In terms of actually applying the freckles, the one thing you don’t want is uniformity. To me freckles look fake when you just dot a bunch of dots with even spacing across your face. If you focus on making the freckles different sizes – some significant stand out ones and some tiny ones that you barely see – they will look a lot more natural. Also, if you look at real freckles they’re never perfect circles. They’re wonky shapes and they vary in colour intensity. Patting the product in with your fingers can help to alter the intensity.

Additionally, one of the most important things is getting the spacing right between them. Freckles tend to cluster in areas that the sun hits the most. The bridge of your nose would naturally have the highest density of freckles and then there would be a smattering across the tops of your cheek bones. A lot of people’s freckles only come out, or become stronger in the sun. Adding a bit of bronzer to the high point of your face (nose, cheekbones, forehead, chin) can make the freckles look more believable and blend better with the rest of your face. 

I know visuals can be a lot more helpful than writing when it comes to stuff like this so I will do a video on how to do freckles soon if anyone has any interest in that. It’s going to be a little bit longer until I’m set up to film. So for now please do try some freckles and enjoy the filthly, filthy lie you’ll be peddling to the world. I kid. Have an awesome day everyone!

  • This is actually very useful because I love my freckles but they often end up being covered by foundation so thanks! I love your photos and I was wondering if you did this blog layout yourself? It looks sooo clean and stylish so needless to say a new follower here! xxx

    • Thank you so much! I did do the layout myself. I have an extremely techy friend who was by my side for much of it. Couldn't have done it without him because I basically had to learn a lot of coding to get it the way I wanted. I want to do some posts on coding tips and tricks at some point.

    • Oooh yeah that would be a great post to make! I'm trying to start up a blog but I want to get the template looking nice first so I'm thinking making my own one is the best route to go down hopefully I'll get it eventually when i have time to do some reading! xxx

  • Can't wait to see a video on this, would love to try some summer freckles for myself.

  • This is a great post, I would love to have freckles! I'd feel like such a fraud though!

    I also have to say, your blog is so beautiful, I absolutely have fallen in love with it. xx