Someone once told me that if you add “laaadiiesss” to the end of any sentence it instantly becomes creepy (see title). I think it works. So I just got back from the gym and now I’m munching away on some salad and sipping kombucha. It sounds kind of impressively healthy, but less so after I mention the fact that all I’ve eaten today up until this point is a variety of desserts. Ain’t no kombucha gonna save me from that damage. Here I come heart disease. Anyways, less about that business and more about why we’re really here – mekuuup. Somehow I keep buying coral blush. I don’t know how it happens (maybe a total lack of self control?), but it does. So why not make the best of it and show you guys some of these pretty young thangs.

Benefit Coralista
This blush is a true coral colour as the name would suggest. It provides a lovely glowing effect with little flecks of gold and it smells faintly of perfumed oranges. Delicious. Points for having a mirror too.

Milani Luminso
This is like the drugstore version of Benefit Coralista. It looks a bit lighter and peachier in the pan, but on the cheeks they look basically identical. Unfortunately it doesn’t have that same lovely smell and the package isn’t my favourite. Also the consistency is a tiny bit chalkier and the flecks of shimmer are slightly chunkier, but they really are both beautiful blushes.

MUA Lolly
Well for starters it’s only £1. There’s certainly no complaining about that. Plus the packaging is so light and easy to chuck in your bag. It’s the chalkiest of the bunch, but I actually kind of like chalky blushes sometimes. They can give a doll like effect. It’s also the lightest shade of the bunch, making it a good pick for fair skinned girls who still want to go peachy. It doesn’t show up in the photo, but there is a little bit of shimmer in this blush. 

Sleek Suede
Ah I can’t help it. I love Sleek. They’re blushes are so long lasting and affordable. This pick is the least coral of the bunch. I find that sometimes blushes that err on the side of brown actually give a better peachy effect to the skin. That might sound strange, but the pink element of a coral blush can be overly dominating. This is a great true matte shade that makes you look radiant without shimmer.

Revlon Coral Reef
This one probably looks the scariest of the bunch, but I find that it’s the most natural looking on the cheeks. As we all know, when you flush your cheeks naturally tend to go a shade of red. This emulates that in a very flattering way. The cream to powder finish means that it looks undetectable too. The cream element means that it meshes with your skin instead of sitting on top of it, but the powder finish means that it dries to look like the texture of skin. I love the tiny simple packaging too. 

NYX Orange
Another scary colour that I promise doesn’t look so scary blended out on the cheeks. It applies easily with fingers and looks particularly good with a tan. This one, unlike the Revlon blush, is a classic cream blush – it stays dewy and doesn’t set. It would be a better pick if you’ve got dry skin.