Sometimes you just got to get your tan on and where I live most of the year that isn’t going to happen with real sunlight. Enter these sultry creatures: La Roche Posay Autohelios Self Tan Gel and St. Tropez Self Tanning Bronzing Mousse.

I use the St. Tropez from the neck down (well actually pretty much just my neck and chest because I’m usually dressed like a nun when it’s cold out, which is always). I won’t go on too much about this stuff because, lesbehonest, I’m not exactly the first person to be swept away to St. Tropez (pun and rhyme in one fell swoop, self five earned). But I will say quickly that it is as beautiful as everyone says. It looks a frightening poop-green colour when you pump it out, but that’s what turns it into that beautiful olive glow on your skin. The mousse is nice, but I’ve tried the lotion version and I think I prefer that. I find it goes on a bit more evenly, especially if you have any dry patches. Plus if you don’t want to buy a separate tanner for your face, I think the lotion works better overall.

If you do want to buy a second tanner for your face then La Roche Posay it up my friends. I love this brand. It treats me real nice. I kept trying to use the St. Tropez on my face and every time I did it made my face feel a bit stingy. I know, I know, “shut up about your sensitive skin already.” But if anyone else out there has had the same problem, then try the Autohelios Self Tan Gel! I am so impressed with it. Unlike the St. Tropez it comes out white so you can wear it during the day without it looking mental. It gives the perfect level of tan for my face – not too strong, but definitely a noticeable bronze going on. It’s a great colour for light – medium skin, but nothing beyond that. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all and an added bonus is that it feels hydrating on the skin. It says on the front of the tube “moisturizing self tanner” and it really does seem just like a moisturizer that happens to tan you as well. As for the smell, I’m sitting here sniffing the tube, successfully not spurting it up my nostrils might I add, trying to think how to describe it. It doesn’t have that obnoxious tan smell that St. Tropez does, but it does have a bit of a chemical smell and the ingredients list “fragrance”. It’s fairly fresh scented considering it’s a fake tanner. It’s definitely worth checking out for those with sensitive or dry skin.