Please allow me to ruin your life with an online shopping addiction just as I have done to myself. I insist. Don’t struggle, you’ll only sink faster. I’ve banded together what I find to be the best places online to find beauty products. I know depending on your country there are probably much better places, but I’ve tried to pick sites that are available and affordable worldwide. Onward ho:

Beauty Bay:
They’ve got good mix of makeup and skincare. Includes goodies such as Oskia, Pai, Japonesque, Alpha H, Nuxe, Zelens, Jurlique, Antipoides, RMS… I could go on for a long time but I’ll stop there. The awesome thing about Beauty Bay is that is has free worldwide shipping with no minimum!

Feel Unique:
This is another store with a good mix of skincare and makeup. They used to have free worldwide shipping too, but they recently changed their free shipping minimum to $25. Still, it costs only $3 to ship under the minimum anyways. They’ve got loads of product available to the UK, but unfortunately less and less available to North America these days. You can get Tanya Burr’s lip glosses and lots of new Garnier products (such as the cleansing water) here.

Look Fantastic:
Here’s another one with free worldwide delivery with no minimum. They’ve got Ren, Balance Me, Elemental Herbology, Moroccan Oil, Radical (which was up until recently almost impossible to find in Canada) and again, loads, loads more. I’ve found that these first three stores have a lot of the same products and brands so it’s worth comparing the prices and looking out for who is currently having a deal on.

Yet another with free worldwide shipping – no minimum. Asos has quite the collection of odds and bobs. Notably Bourjois, which is hard to come by and extremely expensive in North America. They also have some Barry M. The store overall is amazing though. They have a great selection of clothing and jewellery.

This is the ultimate place for skincare for sensitive skin. They have a whole array of French pharmacy brands and other gentle brands such as Clarins and Eucerin. Their shipping to North America is £4.95 and only £1.95 to the UK. Not too shabby.

Cult Beauty:
I must admit I’ve never ordered anything from Cult Beauty. I’ve found that sometimes their stuff is a bit more expensive than what other shops are offering it for. Nonetheless, if you want a quick way to find that product – whatever it may be – that everyone is talking about… go to Cult Beauty. They’ve got Jouer, Kevin Aucoin, Sunday Riley, Omorovicza, etc. Shipping is £6.95 to North America and £3.95 to the UK. A bit pricier than the rest.

Cherry Culture:
This is an ultra cheap American Drugstore type place. If you want an amazing selection of NYX or Milani, then go here. Shipping to Canada is $9.35 and $12.04 outside of North America.

Beauty Joint:
To me this is a better version of Cherry Culture. They’ve got a lot of the brands, with a bit less selection, but they also have Elf and Wet n’ Wild. Their shipping is weight based, not set, but I’ve found it to be quite reasonable.

They carry a host of cruelty free brands including Everyday Minerals, Ecotools and Elf. They are also the best place to buy Real Techniques. They have the best prices and the best variety. Their shipping is $4 around the world. If you live in The States they have great shipping minimum deals too.

I don’t think I need to explain about Sephora. They have everything. Everything. They recently started shipping some brands to the UK. Shipping to Canada is $7.95 and $5.95 to The States. Looks like it’s £10 to the UK from what I can see.

Urban Outfitters:
This one’s a bit sneaky. I don’t think everyone has access to Let me know if I’m wrong about that. But if you’re in North America, Urban Outfitters has a shockingly good selection of beauty products these days. Anastasia, BH, Barry M, Elf, Models Own, Pixi, Stila, Nyx and on and on. Just thought I’d mention it because I don’t hear much about this one. Shipping is $10 in North American, but they often have deals.

Finally, another sneaky one. I’m trying not to single out any one particular brand site, but I just have to quickly say, for those of us outside of the UK who want to try Sleek, their online store has insanely cheap shipping these days. It usually costs me around $3, depending on the weight.